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Gary & Maxine Kreitzer

The vines of Brisa Del Mar Vineyards were established
in 2006 when owners Gary and Maxine Kreitzer.


We were captured by the idea of growing our own fruits and vegetables. Soon, having more fruits and vegetables than we--or our friends--could enjoy, we decided to share our crops with the community by becoming a certified organic farm and selling our harvest to markets specializing in organic foods.


We expanded our acreage by purchasing a former apple orchard and planted over a thousand fruit trees, with land left over to grow seasonal row crops.


Now our farm-fresh produce can be found in stores such as Jimbo's and Seaside Market.


We are longtime San Diego residents who appreciate the value of heirloom crops and raising food free from pesticides or non-organic fertilizers.


We operate Julian Organic Farms and our sister farming business, Brisa Del Mar Vineyards, for which we share an equal passion.


We have three grown children who also enjoy participating in farm activities.

Meet Estate Manager, Rob


Rob Shorman is our Estate Manager for both Julian Organic Farms and Brisa Del Mar Vineyards.


As a teenager, he was sent to live with his uncle in the remote area of Kohala on Hawaii. During the first summer, he worked for the Dole Company on “The Pineapple Island” of Lanai.  (Lanai once home to a plantation that produced 75% of the world’s pineapples.) During his job orientation the overseer said, “This will be the hardest work that you will ever do, if you can survive this, you can survive anything.”


As the long hot days of hard work in the pineapple fields passed, those words echoed in his head and gave him a strong sense of accomplishment while providing him the foundation of a strong work ethic which he continues to use each day on our farm.


Later in life, he became intrigued with the history, culture, and passion the Italians and Sicilians had for food and wine.  While he traveled Italy for two years his experiences and new friendships were life changing.  It was there he met his wife Alexandra.


Rob and Gary became friends over a shared passion for traveling. When Gary began purchasing land and discussing the potential of a vineyard and orchard…it was an ‘organic’ partnership from the beginning.   


Every year Rob attends continuing education seminars on vineyard and organic farming management practices that support an integrated farming system. Farming certainly has its challenges but Rob and Gary work together to grow the best organic produce possible through the conservation of natural resources and biodiversity of organic production.


Being a"Family Farm" you'll see Rob's wife Alex and daughter Zara around the farm, willing to help!

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